Dragon Mom

Spend enough time with me and you will meet my evil twin.  Opinionated and passionate about all things food, Dragon Mom does poorly when hypoglycemic or when confronted with sticky dough.  Her children know that deep in her soul she has their best interests at heart even if it means they might not taste their first Twinkie until age 11.  They know "I could make that at home with less sugar and/or for less money," but are not immune to the charms of Jamba Juice.  If you catch Dragon Mom in a good mood there might be "Hot Doughnuts Now" though you are miles away from the nearest Krispy Kreme. For every bite of boiled silkworm larvae I dared you to  eat remember these words from Harry S Truman, "The reward of suffering is experience."  Onward, kitchen adventurers!