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Willcommen!  Oktoberfest is a big deal in Fredericksburg, TX.  The Texas Hill Country had many German settlers whose offspring will still happily don a dirndl and lederhosen and tip a stein (or three). 

The festival runs for three days in early October each year.  The one day pass was $6 for adults and $1 for children up to age 12.  There were booths with crafts and entertainment stages...

 Old folks doing the polka and young folks (like me) enjoying the beverages...

German beer (and why would you drink anything else?) was $6 per cup.  The food was varied, some German like the outstanding potato pancakes that Sophie waited in line for, and some your typical Texas fair fare--like sausage on a stick, turkey legs, and funnel cakes.  Except you know what funnel cakes taste like right?  Old cooking oil and regret.  They also had my personal kryptonite--crepes.

Nice crepe griddle.  It was too hot to steal.

 Sophie and I split a chicken pesto crepe ($8) and saved room for the aforementioned potato pancakes.  There was plenty of seating at picnic tables, most with umbrellas.  Mercifully the temps stayed in the mid 80's. 

Still a little too warm for jeans, but this is Texas and cowboy boots are de rigueur.  We had 4 food tickets left and spent them on a patriotic sugar cookie.

We were too full to ring the bell. 

 We wandered around Fredericksburg on the way back to the truck.  Stopped at a great store called Red where Sophie charmed the employees into letting her sit in this awesome chair...

We were all about the festival this weekend, and spent some time at OktobeerFest at Boardwalk on Bulverde.  Sophie had been excited about this all week--she is a food truck fanatic.

Friday night we sampled the chicken tikka kebab from The Rickshaw Stop, it came with a veggie samosa and some awesome chutney and yogurt sauce. 

 I got the Korrito from Seoul Grill SA, a perfect marriage of East and West--bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, cheese wrapped in a tortilla.  With a side of kimchi, of course!  This truck got my vote hands-down, and not just because I am homesick for Korea.

Looks even better on the inside!

 Homemade kimchi!

We had two desserts from the Tapa Tapa truck.  Birthday cake with popcorn and ice cream...

 And watermelon with Pop Rocks and mint.

These guys must be mad kitchen geniuses (or stoned) because these combinations worked.  I wish I had room to try their chicken fried pork belly, but someone sharing our table sang its praises.

I was excited to return Sunday evening because I knew the SaySheAte truck would be there.  I remembered their roasted corn fondly, and was saving room for their sliders this time around.

It seemed criminal not to so I added an order of the duck fat fries.  The sliders really shone--tender, juicy, topped with carmelized onions and blue cheese.  My favorite burger in a long time.  The duck fat fries were good, but couldn't hold a candle to the sliders.  I did love the spicy ketchup, but wished the fries had been a touch crisper.   Sophie had a bowl of fancy mac n cheese from Guilty Pleasures--it was gone before I could get a picture....

I don't know how she did it, but she managed to have room for this cookies and cream crepe from Crepe Nation--I took a token bite but was in a postprandial slump after the sliders/fries. 

The weather was much more conducive to an eating event, and the bees were fewer as well.  Much more enjoyable.  My one suggestion would be to offer smaller portions so you could try more food. 

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