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Crosswalk Coffeehouse & Cafe

Don't you love it when you stumble on a great little cafe in a random location?  Crosswalk's Westpointe location was an unexpected surprise when we stopped at HEB the other day on the way home.

Sophie and I split the Fourmage Grilled Cheese: gouda/cheddar/gorgonzola/swiss on perfectly toasted, not greasy sourdough. 

She wanted to save room for the cupcake so I was able to sample the sandwich--wonderful blend of flavors.  Sophie didn't complain about the gorgonzola, a testament to the judicious use of the powerful cheese.

 Twix cupcake: chocolate cupcake with mini Twix baked inside.  Vanilla buttercream with more Twix bars and chocolate. Who said the cupcake fad was over?  Not for this family it isn't.

We had lemonade (free refill!), and there is the usual selection of coffee drinks, beer and wine.  It is so nice to have an alternative to fast food in a strip mall.   Free wiFi, comfy seating, friendly service--next time we'll stay awhile.

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