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2tarts Bakery

2 Tarts Bakery in New Braunfels could easily be my home away from home...Cozy couches, big windows and lots of natural light, I could have hung out there all day.  I stopped on my way to pick Sophie up from school one day last week.  The array of pastry was outstanding.  We just needed a little something to tide us over before the movie and dinner we had planned or there is no way I could have limited myself to just one pastry. 

 I can never go wrong with a cupcake for Sophie, and she loved the combination of the strawberry infused cupcake with the zesty lime frosting.

I had this delightful fruit bar.  A dense shortbread crust with fruit and struesel topping, heavy on the struesel just the way I like it.  One of the customers that came in while I was there commented, "It's so

so nice and "loungy".  I did some lounging and knitting and have to agree.

 2 Tarts is a family-owned and operated establishment with a "mission to bring the community together through all things edible."  I am totally down with that.  Closed on Sunday, but open til midnight {!} on Friday and Saturdays for those late night munchies.  Looking forward to heading there every time I am in New Braunfels!

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