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The Peach Cafe--Boerne, TX

These cheese rolls are probably one of the reasons that The Peach Cafe has a 91% approval rating on Urban Spoon.  The other reasons may be the charming location, the friendly staff and the reasonably priced and diverse menu.

Sophie and I stopped in for lunch after passing by numerous restaurants and cafes along Main Street.  The chicken pot pie with cheddar crust was a slam dunk for Sophie, although she would have likely survived on multiple refills of the cheese rolls given half a chance.

 Sophie pried off the flaky lid immediately and exclaimed, "It's like soup on the inside!"  The interior was chock full of potatoes, white meat chicken, and carrots in a thick gravy.  Perfect comfort food.  Apparently this is a fairly new menu item and sells out quickly so grab one if you have a chance.  I was looking for something a little lighter and had the Greek Orzo Salad with a cup of tortilla soup.

No skimping on the olives in this beautiful salad.  Plenty of sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta too.  Tossed with romaine and orzo in a balsamic vinaigrette.  The tortilla soup was just how I like it with a clear, lime-touched broth and crispy tortilla strips. The only improvement I would have made would have been to order the larger bowl. 

Unfortunately, we did not save room for dessert because after experiencing their cheese rolls {there is a secret recipe that came with the restaurant!} I am sure there other baked goods would have been outstanding.  Maybe next time....and there will be a next time. 

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