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Brunch at the Monterey

This was my second (on consecutive Sundays!) visit to the Monterey for brunch.  Last week Sophie and I had made the mistake of having a piece of toast earlier in the morning which left us too full to finish our meals.  She was determined to destroy the apple pop tart this week. 

It was easy to talk Maddy into the Fried green tomatoes with fried eggs and Crystal hollandaise---knowing she would never finish it allowed me to steal a few bites.  How do they get those tomatoes so deeply crispy? If you need to have one meal last you all day this is the choice for you.  Maybe you should take a baby aspirin with it if you are over 20 years old.

If you are a kid at heart you need this apple poptart in your life.  Last week it was dusted with finely grated cheese--Sophie preferred this version with its festive sprinkles.  Our waitress made sure the chef didn't skimp on the sprinkles.  The flakiest dough with a warm apple filling and icing--you will never go back to Kelloggs.  Expecting to pull back a bloody stump when I reached for a bite--Sophie graciously allowed us to sample her pastry.

Perhaps because I had shared this blackberry macaron that came with my coffee--score!

And because she had an order of crispy Benton's bacon.

I had the house cured salmon. Hoping this stays on the menu.  The fish was velvety soft and the garnish of capers/dill/egg and onion was pitch perfect.  A lighter option to be sure allowing me to sample with abandon.

The bacon cheeseburger with Waygu beef and the best french fries ever.  Ian had a plane to catch and wanted to be sure that he had one good meal before his flight.  This didn't disappoint--points for flavor and satiating capabilities.  Another humongous meal for the vegetarians in your party is the Bananas Foster French Toast ordered by a friend at our last brunch outing.  She described it as "tummy armor."  If you leave hungry it's your own fault.

We tried to sit outdoors on this blustery day--love, love the outdoor patio but the staff was very accommodating as we scurried inside when we realized our mistake.  If it hadn't been windy it would have been tolerable with the blankets and propane heaters.  Looking forward to a glass of red wine some chilly winter evening under the stars.

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