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Lick Ice Cream

 I like to think of myself as an early adopter of all things ice-cream so imagine my surprise when I discovered there has been an artisanal ice cream purveyor in Austin since October!

Sophie and I made the pilgramage this past weekend {after calling to confirm that they were open}.  We are the kind of people that will drive 60 miles for ice cream, and we aren't afraid to call it lunch.

 The store wasn't busy when we arrived.  Plenty of parking in a private lot.  The owner was manning the counter and encouraged us to "try all the flavors."  I wish that had made our decision easier, but alas, each flavor was equally yummy.  Lick sources all the ingredients locally, and every batch is made on site. They infuse the flavors with fresh herbs and tend to use less sugar--the flavors really shine. 

 With more than a dozen flavors to choose from it took us awhile.  After much agonizing and hand-wringing, Sophie settled on orange chocolate, Salt Lick Caramel and peppermint bark.  I chose Too hot chocolate (spicy! with some chipotle kick), goat cheese with thyme and honey, and carmelized carrot tarragon.  The beautiful pink tub is beet ice cream with mint...and they have holiday adult flavors like spiked egg nog, pecan rum pie, as well as peppermint bark and pumpkin pie for the youngsters.  Plans for sundae offerings in the future!? I sure hope so, maybe with artisanal candies instead of gummi bears....

If you are lucky enough to live in Austin, you are minutes away from an ice cream gold mine.  If you live in San Antonio it is worth the drive.  They are open every day.   Website www.ilikelick.com is currently under development but you can find them on facebook and twitter (@lickicecreams).


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