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Saweet cupcakes : lost and found!

 Sophie and I love the Saweet cupcake truck, and missed her last time we were at the Pearl Farmer's Market.   Happily, we found her again at Boardwalk on Bulverde.  To date we have tried the chocolate/chocolate, vanilla/chocolate, mango/strawberry, chocolate/salt caramel, and red velvet.  They are all delicious and moist and top-heavy with a generous portion of frosting--Sophie eats the bottom off first--she likes a high frosting to cake ratio.  I love that her cupcakes are kept at the appropriate temperature so the frosting is soft and squishy and doesn't come off in a big hunk when you bite into the cupcake.  I think you get a free box if you buy 3....not sure what kind of person could carry her cupcakes around in a box and not eat them immediately....definitely not anyone in my family.

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