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Bracken Store Cafe


Step back in time at the Bracken Store Cafe.  This is down home dining at its best.  The waitresses are friendly with just the right amount of sass.  The food is unabashedly old school and definitely not trans-fat or gluten free.  It is American comfort food--the kind I feel too guilty to eat most of the time, and if I do it certainly won't be at McDonalds.

We sat right next to the jukebox.  Sophie knew it played music--but was unaware that the music was coming from vinyl!  I surreptitiously snapped a photo.  In fact, all my food photography was surreptitious because you would stand out like a sore thumb at this cafe if you hoisted your DSLR and began snapping away at your plate.   Sometimes you want a grilled cheese.  Not a panini, not aged English cheddar, just straight up white bread and orange cheese (which is a flavor of cheese, not just a color).

 And a cheeseburger with fries (not pictured) and all the fixings.  I did skip the bacon this time, but believe me, it's available and delicious! These are grilled on a griddle.  No, you don't get to choose the temperature of your burger, and they do not offer a Waygu slider with a poached egg topper. The Bracken Cafe burger is living proof that a well-crafted burger needn't be medium rare or dolled up with some ingredient of the moment to be juicy and delicious.

 We haven't strayed from the burger and grilled cheese when dining at the BSC, so I cannot comment on the rest of the menu.  The fact that this little restaurant in relatively the middle of nowhere was packed on a Tuesday for lunch, plus my experience with their burgers is reason enough IMHO to make a trip.  Bring cash and don't be late because they close at 3.

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