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Esquire Tavern


Sophie re-examines the menu after learning they are out of the Pimento Grilled cheese...

We ventured out for a pre-symphony meal at the Esquire Tavern on a rainy Sunday not too long ago.  The interior of this iconic San Antonio with its moody lighting and 100 feet of bar begs you to stay for a cocktail or two.  Unfortunately, I  settled for a draft Live Oak Heffeweisen to avoid snoozing during the symphony and did not get a craft cocktail.  Doubly sad because Jeret Pena, the resident mixologist, was recently awarded a star chef award for his creative libations.  Will return when I have a designated driver.

                                 Waffled Potato Chips with Texas Onion Dip

After our own attempts in potato chip creation, Sophie and appreciated these deeply crispy chips.  Paired with onion dip--you'll never go back to the Lipton onion soup recipe--these disappeared quickly.  Sophie's second choice was the BLT, albeit minus the "T".

Served on buttered Texas toast with a side of uber-fresh giardinera (the pickle that sounds like an intestinal parasite).  Despite the palate shredding potential of a Texas toast sandwich, Sophie devoured this.  I took care of the pickles.

 I had the hangar steak salad with arugula/roast tomato/goat cheese and basil vinaigrette.  Very Paleo after the chips and beer.  I didn't specify the temperature on the steak, and as you may be able to tell (or not) from my subpar photo, it was pretty blue.  That's OK by me, but buyer beware.  Really enjoying the meal up to this point despite the lack of craft cocktail....

We had been planning on the fried apple pie (served with vanilla bean ice cream and Bourbon caramel), and I had even talked Sophie out of her bourbon phobia only to find out they were out.  We settled on the snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich. 

 Charming presentation, tasted like it had been sitting in the freezer unwrapped for a day.  I don't know whether it was just our disappointment about the pie or the fact that we had just spent a couple of epic weekends cooking out of Momofuku Milk Bar.  At any rate, our pastry expectation bar was set way high and this dessert fell short.

Definitely would re-visit the Esquire--have a Pimm's cup waiting for me! Worth trying to park in Downtown SA.

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