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 We had an early dinner at Bliss this past Friday, and it was relatively empty initially--perfect time for taking some great exterior and interior shots.

 Located in Southtown San Antonio in a converted service station, Bliss is visually pleasing with a lot of different textures, beautiful plantings and a huge parking lot!  Chef/owner Mark Bliss returns to San Antonio and hits it out of the park.

 Our server pointed out the perfectly framed Hemisphere Tower during our tour of the restaurant.

 Not pictured here are the beautiful patio seating areas and the chef's table in the kitchen.  The chef's table is available for reservations for 4-10 lucky people.

 Our server was excellent--aside from the tour of the restaurant she gave Sophie great advice re: the charcuterie plate, brought out two different rose wines for me to try, and was unobtrusive yet available.

 Potato blini with poached quail egg, truffled caviar and creme fraiche.  This beautiful appetizer was a crowd pleaser.  Even Sophie tried the blini (minus caviar) and pronounced it delicious.  The menu is rotating--see sample here, but it looks like the blini may be rightfully a permanent menu item.

Ian's starter:arugula salad with lemon anchovy dressing, fried capers and sun dried tomato bruschetta.  Visually stunning to be certain, but the dressing was so balanced and perfectly applied it will move this salad into my top 10 of all time.

 Sophie's charcuterie plate with prosciutto, fennel salami, aged white cheddar, bucheron and rochetta cheeses, marcona almonds and honey comb.  This was Sophie's first experience with honey comb, and she couldn't wrap her head around eating the entire thing.  Since she wanted to save room for dessert she had ample leftovers that we plan on turning into a panini.



 My entree: redfish ala plancha with Gulf shrimp, little neck clams and cream peas swimming in a tasso jus.  The flavors of this dish brought me right back to Savannah, Georgia.  Salt and smoke, sweet shrimp and clams.  There was not a speck of food left on my plate.

 Ian's entree: Akaushi Strip Steak: 14 oz. of sheer perfection with frites and asparagus.  Only needed a sprinkling of salt to bring it to its potential.  The server also provided a cup of homemade ketchup when she saw Sophie eyeing the fries.

 Luckily the entree filled Ian up enough that we convinced him to forgo bread pudding and try these two citrusy desserts.

 Lemon tart with rosemary crust, candied kumquat and berry compote.  A super short crust with the tangiest of lemon filling.  Surprisingly Sophie's choice--she usually veers towards the chocolate based option.  Definitely hoping this stays in the dessert rotation.

 Tiramisu: a citrus twist with grapefruit supremes, the best candied orange peel I have ever eaten, and lady fingers soaked not in espresso (Sophie relieved) but orange--maybe a little Grand Marnier? 

Bliss has a wonderful wine list including many by the glass selections as well as beer.  No cocktails though.  There are plans to open an outbuilding for private events--it was under construction at the time of our visit.  Add Bliss to the ever growing list of establishments elevating the restaurant culture of San Antonio!

 Gratuitous "blissful" picture.

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