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The Friendly Spot

The Friendly Spot, another Southtown phenom.  You can hang out with a bunch of people in a sweet outdoor setting without having to cook or clean your bathroom for them.

 One of my favorite people to hang out with (she doesn't even require a clean bathroom).

On this warm Friday night in the 15 minutes that pass for spring in San Antonio Sophie and I had to park about a block away and walk over to The Friendly Spot.   Sophie snagged a table while I stood in line for beverages and vittles.  There is no waiter service here.  Just walk to the counter, place your order, and start a tab.  Should you decide to take off so you don't have to stand in line later to pay they will just add a 20% tip and close the tab for you.

The beer selection, both draft and bottled is extensive.  I decided on an Anchor Steam draft, and Sophie had an Izze Blueberry.  There is a large cooler for those who want to self serve water.

The menu is simple--burgers, including the garden variety and the garden variety, nachos, and hello! Tamales!  Love you San Antonio! Sophie had the chicken verde.  Wrapped in a banana leaf and about twice as large as the corn husk wrapped kind.  This filled her right up.  Not too spicy either.

We shared an order of chips and salsa cocida (cooked salsa).  These days it seems chips come in two varieties-the workhorse chip as pictured above and the micro-thin kind that is great for snacking but extremely feeble when it comes to dipping.  The salsa and chips both would have benefited from a dose of salt. 

My salad (jicama, watermelon, cantaloupe) on the other hand, was bright with lime and chile.  This is a $3 serving.  I was also intrigued by a ceviche on the salad menu but not brave enough to try it on this super warm evening. 

The Friendly Spot has a play structure for the kids, bathrooms (clean enough), free wi-fi, and a lot of outdoor seating for you and your friends--even the four-legged variety.  When Mother Nature cranks up the thermostat it may require more than one beer to get me through a meal here if we don't score a seat in the shade.

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The Friendly Spot did have a dessert menu (churros, dessert tamale), but Sophie and I had spotted the Where Ya At truck at the Alamo Street Eat Bar on our way down S. Alamo.  Beignets vs. churros?  No contest!  Look at the generous dusting of powdered sugar...

Sophie approved.

I only wish I had been hungry enough to try their BBQ shrimp or ham hock/venison gumbo.  Check them out here.  Don't be fooled by the food truck facade--the owner is a former sous chef at Il Sogno, so you know the food is the real deal.

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