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We finally made it to Feast--seems like we will never run out of good restaurants to try in South Town!  It was a particularly steamy first Friday so we elected to sit indoors, but look at how much fun those people are having on the patio!  Our early arrival did ensure immediate seating and good lighting for Ian's photos...Feast doesn't take reservations except for parties >6.

The interior is funky-chic with lucite chairs and sparkly pendant lamps, and I found myself coveting the waitstaff's awesome aprons.  There were a couple of slip-ups with service--forgetting to ask Sophie for a drink order and trying to clear plates that were not finished, but overall friendly and happy to explain the menu concept of small plates meant to be shared.

Not to mention that the arrival of a pretty cocktail assuages almost any sin of omission...Ian got the  Prince:a gin and tonic kicked up a notch with peppers and cilantro, definitely spicy!  I got the Jester: Feast's take on a margarita, lightened with sparkling grapefruit.

And for the <21 crowd, you can never go wrong with a Shirley Temple.....

The menu is divided into several sections, and we tried one from almost every section.

7-spice Barbacoa: juicy, spicy shredded beef cheeks in lettuce cups with garlic-infused yogurt from the "hot" section.

These were good, and I ordered them hoping Sophie would try some--that was a no-go. Your barbacoa has to be above and beyond in a town like San Antonio, and this was average.  In retrospect, I wish I had ordered the mussels with green harissa.  Seeing them at neighboring tables only increased my regret. 

 From the cold section: arugula with crushed almonds/shaved fennel/strawberries and piave vecchio

 I love arugula salads and will order them whenever I get a chance.  This was a beautifully composed salad...definitely enough for sharing, and it made me feel better about ordering two items off the crispy section.  Both delicious and both requested by Sophie who loves anything fried.

 Yukon Gold Potato chips with blue cheese bechamel--technically on the "melted" section.  These were a huge hit.  I would go and have just a plate of these with a beer on a cold day.  On the hottest Friday of the year I was glad I was sharing them.  The portion was huge, and they were generous with the bechamel. 

Sweet corn fritter with beet tzatziki

Sophie, "What is a fritter?"

Me, "It's like a doughnut."

Sophie, "Let's get those."

These were some light and fluffy, unlike the leaden hush puppies I remembered from my Eastern Shore days.  The tzatziki was subtle and tinged with beet flavor.   Served with some honeydew and arugula lightly dressed with a lavender vinaigrette--some bites were a little too lavendery--kind of like an old lady's perfume.  I still got angry when the server tried to clear the plate with a fritter still on it!

Moving along to dessert...this is a freshly baked square of bread pudding with tobacco infused custard and caramel ice cream.  I think Ian just heard "bread pudding" and didn't realize there was tobacco in it.  No matter, it was delicious, and we all enjoyed it including Sophie.   We are hoping they invent a bread pudding patch sometime soon.

Chocolate caramel tart with hazelnuts--like a super sophisticated milky Way.  We couldn't wait for it to warm up slightly but it was still outstanding with a fudgy layer on top of some stellar caramel.

Happy customers....planning on returning for Mother's Day Brunch!

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