the flat: a takeaway Creperie - Charlottesville, VA

While visiting Maddy in Charlottesville this weekend, we stopped at "the flat" for 1st dinner.  If you want a gigantic crepe filled with pure goodness, this is the place for you!


Perhaps measuring 15' x 20' in size, we admired the excellent use of space, as well as the charm of the small kitchen.


The employees were relaxed, really cool, and had a little fun with us when we pulled out our cameras.


We shared the "party fowl", which contained grilled chicken, avocado, peppers, and cheddar.  It cost us a whopping, $6.50.  We also tried the delicious hot cider, which we agreed would be perfect on a late fall day.  It took a little while to get our food so if you see a line and are starving, this might be a consideration.  However, the crepes tasted great and were stuffed to the gills with good stuff.  We highly recommend the flat.  Note however, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and they only take cash.

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