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Nanami Cafe - Baltimore


The second favorite restaurant we dined in while in Baltimore was Nanami Cafe.  It is situated right on the pier, but offered an excellent selection of sashimi, traditional sushi, and fusion sushi for reasonable prices.  The decor is simple, and you have the option to sit on the floor or at a table.


Our first dish came on a flaming dish.


The fusion sushi was heavy on the sauce, but delicious none-the-less.


For the purest, they served beautiful cuts of sashimi.


All of the fish tasted fresh and looked great.


The highlight of the evening however was the above.  Is is squash?  No!  It is monkfish liver, which has an unbelievable creamy texture and straddles the line between hurling and gastronomic delight.  It was not on the menu, but my experienced friends knew to ask, and we were stoked they had it.

If you are jones-ing for fresh seafood in Baltimore, head to Nanami Cafe.

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