Buffalo & Bergen - DC

Like the Bat-Signal over Gotham, the egg-cream tractor beam at Buffalo & Bergen reeled us in on our recent foray to Union Market. 


Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?  The saucy proprietress admonished Sophie not to stir it--drinking an egg cream should be experienced in stages from the intense sweetness of the chocolate syrup to the pillowy head.  There was an intriguing cocktail menu, including a bacon-garnished Bloody Mary.   I feared alcohol induced indolence would plague me for the rest of the day, and I had a lot of cooking to do and a freshly-sharpened chef's knife.  Seating is counter-only, just like a soda shop.  Sophie's metronomic stool twisting was annoying to her parents.  Unless you are sitting next to a sugar-fueled toddler, this type of seating fits the bill--great for watching the kitchen and other patrons.


At $5 a piece, the knish is a bargain.  Jammed with a variety of fillings (short rib for Ian, bacon and cheddar for Sophie, and Rueben for me), they are substantial and richly flavored.  We didn't try the bagels, $12 for a baker's dozen.  I am wishing I had brought some home. 

Union Market is open WED-FRI from 11-8 and SAT-SUN 8-8.  The website lists Buffalo & Bergen's hours as 11-8 WED-SUN--perhaps a typo because it was already the place to be at 9:30 Saturday morning.

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