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Zeke's D.C. Donutz

D.C.'s newest donut shop in Dupont Circle is off to a good start with a variety of offerings including Mexican Chocolate (filled and glazed with ancho chile spiked chocolate), Peanut Butter and Bacon and Passion Fruit glazed with cacao nibs.  The young, hip staff, the 80's funk blaring from a boom box, the graffiti themed decor--I almost felt old, but that didn't stop me from enjoying my sinker!  I skipped the cereal milk, but it's there for the taking.  The donutz are substantial without being leaden, and a perfect foil for the sweet toppings.  There have been some complaints on various social sites that the donut itself isn't sweet enough, but I did't find that to be the case.  We left sated, smelling of fried dough and utterly happy. 

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