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There's no place like Fiesta


It pays to be an early bird, for weather and crowds.  The King William Fair is one of Fiesta San Antonio's most popular events.  Held in an arty district with lots of historic homes, it draws 50,000 visitors!  We were lucky to get a spot in the free parking lot and walked about 8 blocks to the entrance.  Adults were $7 admission, kids under 13 were free.  The weather could not have been better...in the high 70s with low humidity.  We got there before the parade start and enjoyed walking around the art and food booths.  We enjoyed fish tacos, gorditas, samosas, fruit cup, gyros, dippin dots, and yes, a funnel cake.  When you split a funnel cake three ways there is a lot less self loathing and regret.  The parade was a mix of traditional and funky.  Make sure to look at the photo gallery on the blog for more pictures, and if you are ever in San Antonio for Fiesta it's not to miss!

San Antonio Muddy Mayhem

Toobing on the Comal