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Barton Springs Pool

There is no better place in Austin to hang out on a hot day.  This spring-fed swimming hole maintains a chilly 70 degree temperature year round, guaranteed to refresh almost as well as an ice-cold Shiner.

As you can see, great minds think alike on Memorial Day weekend and the place was packed.  This made for excellent people watching and difficulty parking.  You cannot bring food into the park, and believe me we have tried.  Each time the lifeguard caught us red-handed.  Now we just bring a cooler and snack out in the parking lot.  They are OK with water/nonalcoholic beverages as long as they are not in glass containers.  The bathrooms have solar hot water showers which allows you to freshen up before your night on 6th street.  Bring a book or your iPad (there is free wiFi!), slather on the sunscreen or sit in the shade of one of the many trees and enjoy the spectacle.

Vietnam Memorial

San Antonio Muddy Mayhem