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Billy Goat Tavern

This is how our night ended - with the Billy Goat Taverns' finest headgear.  How did we get here?

We ventured down dark streets under the bridge in Chicago, beckoned by the signs and lights until we stumbled upon the "World Famous" tavern.

You might recognize "Cheezborger" and No Pepsi...Coke" from the 1978 Saturday Night Live skit "Olympia Restaurant".  Apparently Billy Goat Tavern inspired this skit and BGT continues to massage this relationship, 32 years later.

As you approach and enter the tavern, there is no mistaking where you are with excellent branding here...




...and here.

The liqueur is not top shelf, but the wall contained a cornucopia of nostalgia with pictures of celebrities from yesteryear.

We had already had dinner, but Steve wanted to try the rib-eye - not a cheezborger.

Here it is, at 5 mm thick a little thin, but still quite tasty. 

Which leads us to the end of the night.  The Horny Goat beckoned, and we listened (thank you Dennis!)

With a smidge of apprehension we sipped our drinks and found they were quite delightful.

Not short on character, Bill Goat Tavern did not disappoint late in the evening.  We even got the cool food service hats!


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