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Eagleman Aquavelo

In September 2007 I completed my first and only half ironman at the inaugural Singapore 70.3 triathlon.  I had tried an earlier 70.3 in Kansas earlier that year, but lighting strikes on the course inspired us to stop and huddle in a barn just before the race director cancelled the race.  I was probably in my best shape since finishing college swimming.  I finished the swim & bike in three hours, and came in under five hours.

Fast forward 4.5 years.  I signed up for a the aquavelo 10 months prior, and luckily did not have school conflicts.  I raced on drop bars (no aerobars) and my training consisted of a handful of 22 mile bike rides, about 15 miles running a week, and four 1 mile sessions in the pool.  My choice of equipment and lack of training showed - I was 20 minutes slower than my split at the Singapore 70.3.

Still it was a great day.  The course was beautiful.  I had the privilege of having my parents join me, the first time in decades they had seen me race - they said it reminded them of the age group swim meets from my youth.  And I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures, the first time with a dSLR at a race (pictures to follow!) 

The first interesting thing with these races is how the discomfort wears you down, but disappears almost instantly when you stop.  The second interesting thing is the craving to do it all over again.  I think I will be back next year, a little better trained, and with my aero-bike!

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