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It's a Celebration


 October 15th.  Exciting on many levels.  Herb Market at Pearl Brewery.  Halfway to Halloween.  Ian coming home.  Fall weather.  I found this beautiful succulent wreath and had to have one.  The vendor said his has lasted >1 year.  Just have to take it down and hose it off, trim growth.  Damn thing weighed a ton, almost didn't make it to the truck.

Ian is home for a full week so not only does he have time to help me with the mundane stuff like  putting gas in the truck, washing dishes, and taking care of our internet provider issues (hence fewer posts this week), but we have time for some FUN! And bike riding.

Beer tastings...the Shock Top was Ian's favorite (and my dad's); I am sticking with the Pumpkin Ale.

 Cooking a special meal.  Got these gorgeous beef shanks from Koch Ranch at the Pearl Farmer's Market.  Not beautiful in the making but soooo delicious.  I modified a recipe from Dorie Greenspan and served with a butternut barley risotto that I found on one of my new favorite food blogs...Bake Me Away {Hi Jessica!}.  The perfect fall meal.   

Unfortunately we were losing light fast at this point, and Ian left the big DSLR behind so the pictures do not do this dish justice.

 Dessert was special too....a double chocolate banana tart--again from Dorie Greenspan.  If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach she should be married to George Clooney.

 Leave me a comment if you are interested in recipes and I will post a follow-up!   

Scallops with Cilantro Orange Pea Puree

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