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The Spice of Life

 The Christmas season is upon us.  Running around the 'hood this morning I saw evidence of Black Friday shopping sprees with TV boxes on the curbside awaiting the garbagemen and newly hung lights and wreaths gracing many houses.  We are headed to Hawaii for the holidays.  I am not putting up a tree and the thought of making a bunch of Christmas cookies when I have to be seen in a bikini in three weeks is slightly horrifying.

But the thought of doing nothing is even more horrifying when I have a child that still delights in opening an Advent calendar the very first thing every morning.  Sophie decided to start early, using the calendar as a countdown to our trip instead of Christmas day.  There will be gingerbread for her when she gets home from school today, I just won't tell her there's beer in it. 

From my blog friend Jessica at Bake Me Away--Pumpkin Stout Gingerbread.  We will skip the icing in the attempt to be healthier.

I also made this awesome Sweet Potato and Kale soup from Joy the Baker because I HATE to throw food away and what else could I do with a giant bag of kale and left over sweet potatoes?  We omitted the coconut milk--again, that healthier thing and used quinoa instead of brown rice.

 Recipes are available at their respective websites--just click on the orange hyperlinks.  Buy yourself a ginger grater for Christmas.  You're worth it.

Nothing Says Christmas Like Kimchi

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