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Halloween Recap

We kicked off the holiday with our 2nd annual Halloween party....Halloween parties are great.  It doubles the number of times you can wear your costume and allows you to eat foods that are simultaneously creepy and delicious.

 Like this bowl of entrails..I mean noodles.  Jap Chae, a party favorite in our house. 

Pumpkin swirl brownies.  We omitted the nuts.

 Black and orange cheeseball.  Retro and delicious.  Cheddar/sour cream/butter/sherry and smoked paprika combined in food processor then rolled in poppy seeds.

Mummy Wraps.  Mozzarella stick wrapped in proscuitto and filo.  Winner in the appetizer category.

 Savory Pumpkin Puffs.  Sophie said we should have skipped the mustard.  I disagree, but it would make them more appealing to the younger crowd.

No Halloween is complete without a haunted house.  Created by Sophie and Kayla.  And, yes, I did buy a whole box of malted milk balls for the two required in the recipe.  Mistake.

This kind of haunted house is fun too...unless you have a seizure disorder what with all the strobe lights.

 Trick or Treat! 

See you next year reusable foam pumpkins! 

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