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Carbo Reloading: AKA Eating Like a Farm Hand

On the podium after the Tour De Gruene Individual Time Trial...That's me with the big smile in the middle.  Third place in my division, average speed 19.4 mph.  When I texted this picture to Maddy she replied, "The people on either side of that frame look like they're throwing up."

 If you know anything about hill profiles, you know that most of the vomiting would have occurred during the last 2 miles of the course.  Having previously ridden the course, I knew I would spend a lot of time in the pain cave.  Sophie was waiting at the finish--she said, "I could see you finishing as we were walking up the hill and I ran up to see you."  She was woefully underfed that day--mostly because my pre-race nerves didn't allow for much home cooking.  She even remarked that it would be nice to get "restaurant pizza" and that she "had not had anything substantial to eat all day." 

So when I awoke at 0400 (thanks, Daylight Savings time guy) I was determined to make an extra special breakfast.  I rescued the last of the fingerlings from the brink of rot and made some O'Brien potatoes. 

So pretty.  You can't tell that they were growing eyes before I chopped them up, right?  We had already decided to repeat last weekend's waffle of insane greatness.  Sophie made the batter while I went for a quick run, surprisingly not too sore post bike race. 

I am always glad that I raced, but equally glad when it's all said and done.  Wish I could say the same about my dental appointment this week.... 

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