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Local Kine Grinds

Season's Greetings from Oahu!  When I stepped off the plane two days ago, it was the first time I had been back in almost 4 years.  It still feels like home.  We have a Hawaii bucket list of all the food items we need to eat in the next 2 weeks.  Ahi poke (po-kee) has always been a favorite of ours, and we found this batch of limu ahi poke at Costco.  You heard me, at Costco.  Why did I ever leave?

If your Costco doesn't carry ahi poke you may be able to find it at a good Asian fusion restaurant.  If you can get your hands on some sashimi quality ahi you can make your own.  Limu is a seaweed, and you will be unable to find it outside Hawaii, so you can make the below recipe and it will be almost as good.

Ahi Poke

1/2 lb. sashimi grade ahi, cut into 1/2" cubes

4 TBS shoyu (I use the low salt variety)

1/4 round onion (this is what they call regular onions in Hawaii), thinly sliced

3 scallions, white and green parts sliced thinly

1 tsp. sesame oil

pinch of red pepper flakes, or more to taste

combine all ingredients and refrigerate for an hour at least to allow flavors to blend.  Eat it all, it doesn't keep.

This is the first of hopefully many Mai Tais I will consume while sitting beachside.  They never taste as good anywhere else.  If you want to replicate the drink you can use the recipe below, but you won't replicate the experience.

From the incomparable Halekulani House Without a Key

1/3 oz. orgeat syrup

1/3 oz. orange curacao

1/3 oz. simple syrup

3/4 oz. Bacardi Gold rum

1/2 oz. Bacardi 151

1 1/4 oz. fresh lime juice

3/4 oz. Bacardi select (float)

Mix all except the float in a cocktail shaker and pour over crushed ice, then float the rum on top.  Garnish with an orchid and pineapple wedge.  It looks like a girlie drink, but as you can see from the rather large volume of rum, it should not be taken lightly.

We have seen a rainbow every day and are quickly chipping away at our to eat list.  Check out travel eats for other food-related posts, and keep an eye on the twitter feed for updates on our adventures.  Will be blogging whenever it's rainy.....

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