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Spam Musubi: Local Kine Grindz part deux

The ultimate guilty pleasure...SPAM musubi.  The ubiquitous local treat for breakfast/snack time--you can find them at every corner store, or with a little effort, make your own.  For those of us too embarrassed to buy a whole can, SPAM comes in convenient single serving packages, and it's even "lite!"  You will also need cooked white rice, teriyaki sauce and seaweed.  Don't use brown rice, it won't taste right, and SPAM musubi is not hippy food.

First, fry up your SPAM with a little teriyaki sauce.  We love Soy Vay's Island Style Teriyaki.  This is an important step because you need that caramelized sweet/salty crust on your SPAM.  

Maddy wants me to make sure you know she did not have a musubi maker at her disposal.  She hand formed these musubi.  Place the SPAM on top of the rectangle of warm rice and wrap with a strip of seaweed.  We prefer the Korean kim vs. the Japanese nori because it has been toasted with a little sesame oil and salt.

Serve warm.  If you are not jealous of our musubi, and you should be, be envious of the papaya you can buy here for less than $1 per lb.

Happy New Year!

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