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tritip/arugula part deux


 Tri-tip is fast becoming a family favorite--easy to cook, relatively lean, lots of flavor.  Tri-tip with soy & red wine with Chinese mustard from my new go-to cookbook, Radically Simple.  A quick marinade in wine/soy sauce/garlic and mustard, then roasted in 450 degree oven with baby portabellos and scallions.  Accompanied by a honey mustard drizzle.  Sophie preferred the grilled tri-tip, but with the Walmart gas canister debacle--could not open the valve--it was nice to have another option for cooking this cut to perfect medium rare.  Grapefruit, date and arugula salad with parmesan shards allowed me to finally use up the 10 lb bag of grapefruit from January---they keep forever apparently


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