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Apple Parsnip Soup

A wintery soup on a beautiful late February day.  Not missing the frigid temperatures of Seoul, but it does make it seem strange to be eating soup when it's in the 70s outside.  Super easy and delicious--Saute leeks/apples with a little butter, add parsnips and chicken stock and simmer for 30 minutes, blend.  The recipe called for candied bacon which sounded delightful, bacon sprinkled with turbinado sugar and baked, but I didn't fancy another oven-cleaning so I just used the precooked bacon crumbles from Costco.  It tastes rich and creamy but with minimal fat (probably about 2 tablespoons for the whole batch), and I used organic chicken stock in place of the water.  The little bowl is an antique store find from a camping trip somewhere in Kansas. 

scones of love

New Wave Ahi Salad