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    I woke up early this Saturday, and after a rare morning run with Ian (rare meaning Ian running with me, not the morning part.....), I decided to make the three citrus marmalade from Good to the Grain.  Marmalade has always been a favorite of mine, and the combination of blood orange, Meyer lemon, and orange sounded appealing to the eye as well as the tastebuds.  The zest of two lemons and two blood oranges were julienned into thin strips and blanched in some boiling water.  Fruit was cooked with some water and then sugar and zest were added for the final boil.  The most time-consuming part was removal of peel and seeds.  Might I say totally worth the effort.  The resultant marmalade is a beautiful deep rose color with just the right balance of sweet and bitter.  I am planning on making the barley scones later this week and using the majority of the marmalade as the filling.  The remaining has been a delightful additon to my morning Greek yogurt.

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