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New Wave Ahi Salad

           A Sam Choy's BLC favorite of ours!  Managed to find some sashimi grade ahi at HEB, forgot the price, but certainly cheaper that the $26/lb that Whole Foods is charging.  The filet was individually vacuum packed and frozen.  Thawed beautifully and quickly in a bowl of water; unfortunately a little overcooked on the grill but still delightful.  The marinade is a mixture of soy/scallions/ginger/five-spice powder and just a quick soak permeated the fish with flavor but didn't make it too salty.  Sophie's salad had boneless chicken breast with the same marinade.  The recipe calls for soba noodles mixed with some reserve marinade but we skipped those this time.  Also subbed fried won ton wrappers for the flour tortilla.  Beets and daikon cut on the Japanese turning slicer.  Black sesame seeds in the dressing from Namdaemun market in Seoul.   Ono!

Apple Parsnip Soup