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tools of the trade

My first Cuisinart was purchased after my junior year in college and was passed down to Maddy when I bought the new and improved model in 2009.  I was sad to see my old friend go, but knew that Maddy would appreciate the chopping/grating and mixing abilities for perhaps another 23 years.  The new machine sports three interlocking bowls and the adjustable slicing disk made it the perfect tool for this recipe I found on food52 http://www.food52.com/blog/1316_shaved_brussels_sprout_salad_with_red_onion_lemon_and_pecorino slicing It calls for slicing individual brussel sprouts on a mandoline?  Seriously?  I don't have a mandoline (don't need one even though they are super cool), and the thought of individually slicing them on the box grater of death made me cringe.  Enter the Cuisinart.  In 5 minutes I had 6 cups of brussel sprout slaw, and no bleeding.  Looking forward to trying this favorite fall/winter veg in a more summery dish.....it is 78 degrees as I write this.   Time to fire up the grill!

Olive Oil Cake

scones of love