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Farm to Table

 Sophie and I decided to begin a new tradition with a trip to Pearl Famer's Market  this past Saturday.  We arrived early to get a little exercise in on the newly revamped Riverwalk--me on foot and Sophie on the cruiser--and also to secure a prime parking spot.  We were armed with our favorite new cookbook, Radically Simple, coincidently purchased earlier this month at the Twig, a delightful independent bookstore in the Pearl Brewery complex.  Our plan each Saturday is to buy some fresh produce and incorporate into dinner that night.  After our exercise we fortified ourselves with some pastry from the newly opened CIA cafe and proceeded to the vendors.  Lots of beets/carrots/lettuce/greens this time of year.  We chose some gorgeous hydroponically grown rainbow chard from Aquaponics Farm, organic carrots from Martinez farms and a small slab of pork belly confit from Kocurek Family Charcuterie.  Rainbow chard was prepared simply with a little saute in some olive oil, salt + pepper and shaved drunken goat cheese.  The carrots became Moroccan Carrots with paprika/cinnamon/cumin/garlic/olive oil and vinegar marinade applied after a brief steam.  Ahhh, the pork belly!  Per the purveyor's recommendation, I crisped in a 400 degree oven with some baby portabellos and served with some toasted bread.  Nary a leftover in sight.....we do have some extra carrot marinade which should jazz up our non-organic baby carrots from Costco nicely at a future meal.  Sophie finally got to taste the olive oil cake posted previously and enjoyed it immensely.  Not too sweet, definite flavor of rosemary--a sophisticated end to our meal.  And, since you asked,  like all smug locavores, of course I brought my own bags to the market, hand-knit from recycled dental floss.

How do you find the time?

Olive Oil Cake