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How do you find the time?

0500: awake, might as well get up....watching "The Hangover" and knitting on Sophie's Solstice

0615: make Barley Scones with homemade 3 citrus marmalade, fold and put away laundry, drink second cup of coffee

0630: get Sophie up...have latte, take pictures of scones, feed dog

0715: walk dog, finish watching movie, finish waistband of Sophie's sweater

0830: make grocery list, go for 5 mile windy run, eat early lunch of leftover brussel sprout slaw, cheese panini, wash and put away dishes; revise Ian's CV.

1100: fill truck up, shop at HEB, buy tomato plants (yellow teardrops)

1200: make shrimp escabeche for tomorrow night, marinate kalbi for tonight, steam and marinate more Moroccan carrots.

1345: google how to keep deer away from tomato plants, plant tomato plants; make Zoku (Japanese for $50 popsicle maker) treats.  Listen to episode of Dinner Party Download; do more dishes.

1400: study Certificate Maintanence Modules, reluctantly, but outside in the delightful weather.

1500: tired of studying, have a snack, go to get Sophie so she doesn't have to ride the bus.

1630: dinner prep: sauce for the asian sesame noodles, make second batch of Zoku, show Sophie the tomato plants.

1700: epic Zoku fail.  Quick bike ride with Sophie in the neighborhood.  Internet surfing waiting for grill to heat up and water to boil.

1730: Ian home, kalbi on grill, photographed and cooked to perfection; sesame noodles ready, kimchi opened and still bubbling, surely lots of probiotics in there.

1845: delicious dinner with leftovers for lunch.  Sophie "I love these noodles" and cut her kalbi and noodles with scissors just like a seasoned ajumma.  Wierd to eat kimchi with a fork.  The surviving Zoku tasted sufficiently like malt balls even without malt balls. 

1930: a little knitting with Sophie!  she asked to knit and even wanted to frog our first attempt since it had a big mistake. Her first project is a TV from Mochi Mochi Style.  She has caught on faster than most adults I have taught.  We watched a couple of episodes of "Better off Ted" our new favorite TV show--reminds me of "Arrested Development"

2100: a little reading and bedtime!  Got to work tomorrow, thanks for hanging out with me today....


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