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red velvet pancakes


Red Velvet Pancakes


A break from tradition of waffles from waffleman, but well received.  Post long-run refueling for me and brunch for Ian and Sophie.  The mascarpone topping was my addition, skipped by Sophie who only enjoys cream cheese when rolled in a wonton wrapper and preferably deep fried.  Second batch of scratch pancakes from me--preceded by Lemon Ricotta Pancakes http://www.chow.com/recipes/26204-lemon-ricotta-pancakes on Monday---those were not photographed, nor were they photogenic as they were cooked on the cast iron skillet and had to be manhandled off the surface. Non-stick my ass Mario Batali.   They did benefit from addition of poppyseeds in my opinion, and were exceptionally light due to the egg white separation and whipping.  A rare snow day in San Antonio also gave me the opportunity to use up my one last orange (seriously don't know how old it was) on these gems http://orangette.blogspot.com/2005/06/introducing-wonderfully-food-obsessed.html  Molly's blog has never failed to please.  No photos of these either--Sophie ate 5 of them.  They were more biscuity than muffiny but also reminiscent of a cake donut.  Molly's podcast http://www.spilledmilkpodcast.com/ is also a delight.  Worth listening from the beginning.  

In the unbaked department this week were chili, Indonesian chicken soup and energy bars from Sunset Magazine.  The soup was a little too hot for Sophie and she picked at the chili, but seemed to like the energy bars despite their fiber content (dried apples/cherries/dates/oats/pepitas/pecans/honey and cinnamon).  Plan to repeat that recipe and use other dried fruits and grains. Used the Vitamix dry container to pulverize the spices for the chicken soup and realized it has a lot of potential.  Look for some whole grain flours in the future.....