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Dulce De Leche Cupcakes

 I know the cupcake craze is soooo 2009, but this recipe from Joy the Baker had my name written all over it....Maybe it's because dulce de leche is impossible to find in Seoul and I actually made my own from sweetened condensed milk, maybe because I found myself eating said dulce de leche from the spoon a month (or two) after I made it because I didn't want to waste it, maybe because I think dulce de leche is essentially Mexican Nutella....At any rate, they were delicious and easy with the "store bought" dulce de leche.  I never should have told Sophie the icing had cream cheese in it or her appreciation would have been a degree less reserved.  Was it wrong to bring the extra cupcakes to diabetic clinic?  They were for the nurses and providers, seriously.  That way I didn't have to eat them all.

Dinner Party

fig scone