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Sweet Potato and Rainbow Chard Gratin

   From Smitten Kitchen , I know it's really more of a fall recipe but I had to find a family-pleasing recipe for the beautiful rainbow chard I bought at the farmer's market.  It sat in the refrigerator for almost a week, and surely all the vitamins had evaporated away totally defeating my attempt to eat locally.  However, it was still delicious.  I used a little heavy cream and a lot of 1% milk.  Thank you Cuisinart for the speedy slicing of the potatoes, allowing this to be a post-clinic meal.  Sophie had a portion for lunch friday.  The kid that likes goat cheese but not peanut butter.....Heather, if you are reading this click on the Smitten Kitchen link and it will pull up the recipe :)

Go with what you know

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