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an O.K. cake

 Me: "let's make a banana dulce de leche cake with mascarpone frosting"  Sophie: "can you make it without the cheese?"  No.  The frosting is mascarpone cheese and confectioner's sugar. 

She gamely helped me make the cake and could not wait to fill and frost it.  It was a relatively easy recipe and good use of some overripe bananas--you can only drink so many smoothies after all.  Recipe from gigi cakes that I found with a google search with bananas and dulce de leche as the subject.  Dinner was quickly consumed in the hopes of getting a slice of cake.  When I asked her if she liked it, she replied, "It's not the best cake I have ever had."  Still good enough to eat for breakfast for the next two mornings.....and to fight her dad for the last piece.  We're going to call this "shitty cake" from now on.

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