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So close I could taste it


Before we lived in Korea I used to dream of being in Italy.  Now I have vivid dreams of being back in our old neighborhood in Seoul.  Korea touched our family, and I think all of us would jump at the chance to return.  So every once in a while we crack open a jar of kimchi and fry up some hobak jeon and reminisce....From my mother in law's recipe....

Hobak (zucchini) jeon

zucchini, not peeled, sliced into 1/4" thick rounds--lightly salt and allow to sit for a bit to draw some water out, then rinse and pat dry

eggs--lightly beat and put in shallow bowl for dipping


dip zucchini rounds in egg, then coat with flour

Fry in skillet in ~1/2" hot oil (I used canola) until golden on each side

Drain and serve with this dip: 1:1 mixture of soy sauce/balsamic vinegar with sliced scallion 

These have a kick!

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