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 When we were growing up my mom used to call lamb "that meat"--as in, "what's for dinner tonight?"  "Thatmeat."  We loved it.  Sophie hates it.  Maybe I should be more deceitful.  I once got Maddy to eat calamari by telling her it was fried chicken rings.  She's an adventurous eater now.  My mom made me eat pea soup and I barfed that night.  Never eaten pea soup again.  I guess you can't win.

These burgers were awesome.  Inspired by the lamburger Ian got at the Cove.  Just seasoned with salt/pepper and grilled.  Bun was a bollita from HEB.  Topped with sliced red onion and a Turkish cucumber salad I got out of Radically Simple--sliced cucumbers/whole milk Greek yogurt/sesame oil and sesame seeds. 

Sophie had frozen mozzerella sticks. 

The Crop

pulling mussels from a shell.....