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Happy Barfday!


Remember when the aging a year part of birthdays was one of the things you looked forward to?  We spent the weekend at the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort for Sophie's 12th birthday, and I took her out of school so we could check in early on Friday and get a head start on the fun.  She couldn't wait until Sunday, when she would actually turn twelve.  The girl asked for (and received) an Etch A Sketch for her birthday....she is an old soul I think.  This is a picture of her at dinner after we had returned home from the swank hotel, after the nap she took after the migraine she had after the buffet breakfast that was more enjoyable on the way in than on it's way out on the side of the road due to said migraine.  What a good sport.  Her big party is next weekend with her friends and the King Ranch Chicken and Red Velvet Layer Cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting.  So her birthday dinner was some chicken tikka masala and homemade naan from www.indiansimmer.com along with cucumber raita and watermelon balls with rosewater and lime.  

   Shot with the new Sony NEX3. 

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