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a little tapas party


 I wonder if we are the only family who gets excited about a trip to the grocery store?  Central Market is  celebrating Spain this week, and we decided to have a tapas party in honor of Maddy's arrival.  She specifically wanted to visit us here so we could all cook together and brought her camera to document the alpha to omega of a family supper.

Sophie is hoping it doesn't involve tomatoes.....   

or olives....

  Every time we serve olives we reminisce about the time we handed Sophie a black olive and told her it was a grape.  She is still scarred.  Maddy doesn't like olives but agrees that she should.  They are so photogenic. 

Even though burratta is technically Italian we had to have it. 

And since the addiction to mozzerella and tomatoes does not extend to Sophie, we had one of her favorite cheeses slathered on sourdough bread.  Modified from this recipe we found on foodgawker. We substituted goat cheese.  Make sure to add the poppyseeds even though they seem like window dressing--they really give it that little somethin somethin.

We rounded out the meal with some mussels--saute garlic/chopped scallion in butter, add mussels, splash of verjus and vermouth and cook till mussels open. 

  And some grilled shishito peppers--toss with olive oil/salt/pepper and grill.

Dining al fresco, family style.  Welcome home Maddy, let the cooking begin!


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