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Monday Salad

Taking advantage of the leftover Crisco from the doughnut making to create some crispy wontons for our Sam Choy's salad.  This is the flash frozen ahi I have had in my freezer for a couple of months and it thawed beautifully.  So wonderful to open a package of fish and smell.....nothing.  I wish HEB still had this in stock, but the one package served Ian, Maddy and I easily.  I marinated some chicken breast for Sophie with the same marinade, and while it didn't rate a picture, it was delish.  Maddy and went to the Crate and Barrel outlet and found the awesome boat for the wonton picture, and the beets and radish were sliced with a Japanese turning slicer that I bought years ago specifically to make this salad.

Thursday egg salad

a little tapas party