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Thursday egg salad


I follow a number of food blogs, and The Tipsy Baker , where I found out about Heidi Swanson's beautiful cookbooks coincidently also linked me to my other favorite blogger at Orangette.  Click on the Orangette link to Molly's post about this awesome, but not photogenic egg salad that anchored our Thursday night meal.  Also featured were leftover grilled chicken since Sophie wouldn't touch egg salad with the proverbial 10 foot pole, and brun-uusto cheese which our family devoured like a pack of craven wolves.  Sophie and I had picked this cheese up at HEB one day because it looked interesting--it is labeled "bread cheese" and you serve it warm.  We heated ours up in a skillet although the instructions say you could microwave it.  Seriously, it is lucky that noone lost a finger in the feeding frenzy.  We asked for the cheese at a subsequent trip to Whole Foods, and the lady said we could find that type of cheese at Sam's or Costco.  Does this mean that despite the fancy foreign name this cheese is basically a step away from Velveeta?  I don't think we care, and you shouldn't either.

Wednesday Pasta

Monday Salad