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Wednesday Pasta

Nothing beats coming home to the sound of dinner preparations after a 12 hour shift.  Having Maddy here to get things started has helped our weekday meals exceed our usual leftovers and frozen pizza. The reasons are two-fold--someone physically in the kitchen prepping before I get home at 7:30 and having someone who appreciates the opportunity to cook with and for family motivates me when all I really want to do some nights is sit down with a beer and some chips and call it a day.  Maddy thinks she didn't really enjoy cooking until high school so there may be hope for Sophie yet.  Our trip to Central Market has yielded a week's worth of excellent meals with leftovers for lunch.  This ravioli salad with cilantro and pepita pesto was made possible by Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Every Day.  Our only mistake was tossing in all the pesto, not because it overwhelmed the salad, but because it meant there was none left over for later.  In these hard economic times, pepitas vs. pine nuts make this pesto one even a college student might be able to afford. 

the heat is on

Thursday egg salad