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Some cheese can't stand alone

Cheesestravaganza at the Lee house!  Unlike Wallace and Gromit, we merely had to travel to Whole Foods for a variety of cheeses--they sell small (<$3.00) portions.  Makes it fun to try a bunch.  Our family loves cheese, and to quote Maddy, "If there was a god of cheese, I could be a nun."  Everyone knows that cheese tastes best at room temperature, so if you are short on time you can take pictures of it in the midday Texas heat...

  Here are the types we tried:

Uniekaas Parrano our overall favorite

St. Andre a close second for all except Sophie

Seaside Cheddar: Sophie's second place

Chaumes: smells like old socks? still in Maddy's top 3

Mushroom brie: Ian's top 3

Ricotta salata: meh.  tasty but needs to be on top of something

5 year gouda: too sharp for all of us

White Stilton with lemon doh! didn't realize it was a dessert cheese, that explains a lot, maybe we should try it in scones?

A good time was had by all, and we'll try to keep you updated on future cheese adventures.



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