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Breakfast Club

I had to take this picture quickly since Sophie was bringing this cake in to share with friends at school.  This was her third contribution to the "Breakfast Club".  A group of 6-8 kids at her school decided to bring snacks in for each other one day a week, and thus the Breakfast Club was formed.  On this last week of school, all the kids brought treats instead of just one assigned person.  I can't believe I have a seventh grader.  We will begin an intensive culinary education programme this summer so she can bring in her own creations next year.

Modified from Nutella Cake recipe--the modification being substitution of dulce de leche for Nutella and the addition of 1/2 chopped Granny Smith apple to the reserved batter + dulce de leche.  It was a hit with only one piece coming home for us to try.  Yes, I know the dulce de leche picture isn't as good as the Nutella cake but I am learning!  Ian's photo skilz will become less accessible when he travels to D.C. for his internship in July.

Happy Summer Break!

Green Day