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Steak and Grilled Caesar

In anticipation of one less mouth to feed with Sophie away at YMCA camp I bought a beautiful strip steak at the farmer's market.  I used my father-in-law's tried and true method and seasoned with Hawaiian Alaea salt and garlic.


After liberally applying minced garlic and salt to both sides of the steak, I let it rest at room temperature for about an hour prior to grilling.  

One of my new addictions is the Table Set podcast--you can find them on iTunes or here .  I was inspired to grill my romaine for this riff on the traditional caesar.   Russ Parsons' breadcrumb discussionon KCRW Good Food podcast was revelatory...imagine the texture and taste of croutons IN EVERY BITE!

To grill the romaine, split head in half and brush lightly with olive oil, grill ~4-5 minutes total, turning once.  I did this while the meat was resting.  I used panko bread crumbs--toss with a little olive oil and toast in a non-stick skillet over medium to medium high.  Watch closely, once they start browning they cook rapidly.  I had a bowl handy to pour them into immediately when  they were golden brown.  I served with my homemade caesar dressingand shaved parmesan.  This concept of a crouton in every bite will blow Sophie's mind.

Although we miss her dearly we had a delightful adult dinner without anyone picking anything out of their meal.

Gratuitous meat shot.....



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