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Feeling blue?


Maddy's visit is drawing to a close, and we are all sad to see her go.  This year at college, she and her friends will be living in a house, and she is excited to have her own kitchen.  I remember moving in to my first apartment and buying kitchen equipment.  In fact, Maddy has my first Cuisinart, 20+ years later.  I made her some napkins out of some fabric I had stashed away years ago plus some fabric that we used to make her a skirt.  It is funny how you remember the little things from your first "real" apartment or house.  We had a pink sectional sofa, and I bought a futon with a frame that converted into a couch.  The milk crates  I used as shelving units are long gone, but I still have my blue Kitchenaid mixer. We actually had a record player and mix tapes---Maddy has a laptop and an i-Pod.  She shares my love of cooking and Ian's love of photography.  She and Sophie love Minecraft and Super Mario Galaxy.  Maybe that's why it's bittersweet to see her go---it's like losing a little piece of ourselves and at the same time it's a little piece of ourselves out there in the world that comes back with new experiences that enrich the collective family consciousness.

As you let your children go, remembering your younger days and realizing the growth of your offspring necessarily means the dimming of your own youth, think of this quotation from Marie Ebner von Eschenbach: "In youth we learn; in age we understand," and make peace with the inevitable. 

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