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A Little Corny

Happy Father's Day a day late!  For all those corny jokes your dad told you, mortifying you in front of your friends, I give you this fresh corn salad.  The hardest part is getting the corn off the cob, but remember that little trick I taught you?  And you will need a food processor or a blender to make the pesto.

Fresh Corn Salad with Cilantro/Pepita Pesto

Kernels from 6 ears corn

1 medium carrot, cut in a 1/8" dice


1/2 cup cilantro pepita pesto

Mix, season to taste.


Cilantro Pepita Pesto

1 bunch cilantro, rinsed and spun dry

1/2 cup pepitas toasted in a skillet,  shaking frequently, until lightly browned

Grapeseed oil

Place cilantro and pepitas in food processor and puree.  Add grapeseed oil in a thin stream until desired consistency.

I served this salad with leftover BBQ chicken and melon for an easy summer dinner.  It also is great as a salsa on quesadillas.  Maddy asked me recently, "where can I buy pepitos."  Pepito is the little boy in the Madeleine books, pepitas are shelled pumpkin seeds--usually available in bulk section of a good grocery store or Latin market.  If you buy them roasted and salted adjust seasoning accordingly and skip the toasting step.


It Won't Prevent Malaria

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